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Free School Kits
Free School Kits
Children are back to school
Tue, 29 Jan, 2013

Impacts of School Kit project

Rajab Ali the father of 4 boys including Shafqat Ali, said: ‘’floods has broken our back by destroying our local sources of livelihood. I am still not stable and hardly earn enough to support my big family. My children could not go to school for many months due to floods. They lost their clothes, uniforms and books and everything during floods. When schools reopened until now I was unable to provide my kids with proper school items. My son shafqat told me last week that organization (HTN and RAF) came in his school and given him free uniform, school bags and other items. I was happy and prayed for the people of that organization may Allah make them bigger and enable them to reach more people like us. Now my boy is happy he can focus on his studies properly as he is well equipped now”.

12 years old, Shafqat Ali, studies in class 4th aims to become a police man and serve the area and his people and protect them from mischief. He said I was excited when I seen the van coming in our school and our teacher told us we will receive free school kits. My father was unable to provide me with uniform, and school kit, my teachers told me off at many occasions for not being able to come with required items and uniform. I never told my father as I did not want to make him upset as I knew he cannot afford to buy required items. I am well equipped now and can study properly. I am aiming to study after school with my cousins and I want to be police officer in my career”.


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