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Basic Education for Street Children with Nutrition Back Up
Basic Education for Street Children with Nutrition Back Up
Fri, 21 Oct, 2011

Hasi aims to be a government service holder!


Hasi, a 12 year old girl lives with her parents and 5 brothers and sisters in Ramna park staff quarter. Her father Moznu Mia is a park cleaner and her mother Rasheda Begum a housewife. Her father is mentally disabled and sometimes he is been out of control. Hasi and her one brother are also mentally disabled. Her mother falls in great difficulties with such disabled husband and children. She has no time to do any job outside home because she is busy taking care of them. Her father earns BDT 6000 monthly but when he is out of control due to mental sickness; their entire family suffers since he is the only earning member for the family.


They came from Munshigonj district which is standing on the bank of the mighty Padma River when she was only 2. They have no land in village and lost their house due to river bank erosion.


Hasi and her one brother study at HTN Ramna park school. She can write all Bengali and English alphabets from A to H. Because of stammering she can’t recite poems properly but always tries her best level. She can write mathematics 1-40 in number and in words. She also can solve simple addition and subtraction. She can write 7 days names in Bangla and English.


Now she is taking preparation to get admitted herself into a formal school and in future she wants to be a Govt. job holder. She said, “I never been to school before, because of HTN Open air school I got this opportunity. I am very much interested to continue my education and in future I want to become a government officer”.


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